I’m back with another blog post! Yesterday I was tagged to take part in the TMI tag by the wonderful Saradiz . I would like so say a huge thank you again for tagging me to do this tag and I’m very excited to take part! If you guys would like to check out Saradiz […]

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Girl Power Playlist

Hi everyone! How has everyone been? I wanted to share something inspirational with you guys today to help with anyone who is going through a tough time.  A lot of people are back at school already (like I am) or have gone back to work. I also tought it would be fun for me to […]

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Mystery blogger award

This blogger award is kindly nominated to be by the amazing vintage tea rose. Thank you so much for this award, I’m so incredibly exited to be answering your questions in this nomination today. So let’s get on with the mystery blogger award. RULES Put the award logo in your blog. List the rules Thank the […]

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New year, New start 🎆

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year is full of love, happiness and fun adventures. Today’s blog post I am going to be talking about what I want to work on throughout this year and to also share with you the main goals I have for this month. Yearly goals: 1. Focus on me […]

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What I got for Christmas 2017

This is fun post for me to do since I enjoy reading and watching what I people get for Christmas and I am not bragging or showing off in this blog post. I hope you enjoy this festive blog post! Christmas Eve Eve: On Saturday my family and I did a pre-Christmas with my Aunt […]

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