Summer outfit ideas 2018

I am so excited for Summer that I am going to be posting a lot of summer related blog posts. (YAY!) If you have any summer related blog post ideas you would like to see let me know in the comments below or message me on Social media and I will get back to you.

Today this blog post is a collab with

Make sure to check out her summer outfit ideas blog post here! And if you have come from her blog then I would love to say welcome to my little corner of the internet and I hope you enjoy this post and maybe stick around.

In this post, I am going to be sharing with you 3 outfits that I like to wear in the summertime! Enjoy! 😄

Outfit #1

This is just simple shorts and a T-shirt kinda look. I think it’s nice to keep it really casual sometimes. 😊

Hat: Pink

Shirt: Tesco (Men’s white T-shirt)

Shorts: New look

Shoes: Adidas

Outfit #2

Cute crop top and a skirt with trainers.

Top: Hollister

Skirt: Missguided

Shoes: Converse

Outfit #3

The last outfit I am sharing with you guys is this really cute crop top and these gorgeous white, lacy shorts which are so girly. These shorts would look great paired with streaks me simple sanders or any white trainers.

Top: Hollister

Shorts: Tesco

Here is my

What is your fashion like in the summertime? I would love to know in the comments

If you have any Summer related blog post ideas too I am always happy to hear them so let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

Until next time x


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