Summer Bucket list 2018

Summer is just around the corner and my exams are finally over which means I can be so much more productive and write new content for you guys!

What are your plans for the Summer? If you are like me and are stuck at home all summer and not going away on holiday then this Summer bucket list I have created might help you with some suggestions on what you can do so you don’t get bored this holiday. I have created a tick list that you can print off and tick what you get to accomplish this summer which will be at the end of this blog post if you’re interested.

These ideas are things you can do with friends, family or even by yourself as a fun down day and have some me time! I hope you enjoy!

Summer Bucket list 2018:

  1.  Go to the Beach
  2. Go Swimming
  3. Find a festival/Concert near you
  4.  Find a fun workout to try
  5. Develop a skin care routine
  6. Find a swimsuit you actually love
  7. Make s’mores with your friends/family
  8. Spend a day being a tourist in your city
  9. Catch up on your journaling/ startup journaling
  10. Have a picnic with your friends at the park
  11. Find a job
  12. Binge-watch a new TV series
  13. Do some volunteering
  14. Go running

Summer bucket list 2018.PNG

Do you have any plans for the Summer this year? What is on your Bucket list this Summer that I haven’t added on here? Let me know in the comments as I would love to see what you have to add.

Until next time x


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