Moonlight by Ariana Grande|Review

I have finally got my hands on Ariana Grande’s newest fragrance ‘Moonlight’ after such a long time of searching high and low. Today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on this perfume and talking about the beautiful packaging. Enjoy!


First of all, I purchased the 30ml bottle from Superdrug and It cost me £23. The 50ml costs £31 and for 100ml it’s £41. Which I think is a very good price range for a perfume.


Now onto the packaging. I know this is just the box but for me what the product comes in has to look appealing too and Ariana has definitely nailed it! I love how she has tied the whole holographic effect on the front of the box and on the top for the lettering to match the bottle.


The design of the bottle is the same signature design as her other two perfumes which is cute and girly, the bottle is a circular shape with diamond texture.  The lavender lid and her signature pompom attached to the lid go so perfectly with the holographic shine of the bottle. Another touch to the design of the bottle is that she has her name engraved on the rim of the bottle where the lid sits. This fragrance really represents her brand and personality really well and the overall design is completely unique just like her.  Lastly, I just love how it looks in my fragrance box amongst my slowly growing collection.

Perfume collection.JPG

What does Moonlight smell like?

Top: Rich blackcurrant, juicy plum
Heart: Fluffy marshmallow and fresh peony
Drydown: Creamy sandalwood, black amber and sensual vanilla


My overall review:

My overall review of Ariana’s new perfume ‘Moonlight’ is that it is very different from ‘Ari’ and ‘Sweet like candy’  because those two fragrances are definitely on the sweet side so if that isn’t for you then I think this fragrance might be for you because the sweet scent is definitely more toned down in my opinion in comparison to the last two and it is probably more for the evening time since it is quite strong and overpowering but it doesn’t last long and soon gets more subtle so really it could be worn when ever really cause I chose to wear it today.

box 4

Have you got yourself Moonlight? What do you think of it? If you haven’t got it yet do you think you will? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time x








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