South African food

I love South African food, if that be the meat that they have to even something so simple to like bread or milkshakes (haha) I find everything tastes so much better here in South Africa than in the UK, Is that weird?I know I said I would have no wifi but I got some data so I am using it to create some African style posts while on holiday.

As you can see by the title of this post this is all about South African food. I will be sharing with you all the food I have eaten and tried here. Some foods I have eaten more than once because they are so good, like pancakes and chocolate milkshakes. Mmmm…. enjoy!

These are the cakes at a coffee place called Mug&Bean. It’s one of my Favourite places to visit. As you can see in the picture the cakes are huge especially the lemon meringue cake with the huge tall meringue on top.

I ordered a small chocolate milkshake and shared a peppermint crisp cake. Peppermint crisp is any of you are wondering is a chocolate you get in South Africa and is AMAZING! If you love minty food then you will definitely love this chocolate and the cake for that fact. The cake is not too rich but the slices they give you are so big ( you will see in the next picture) you have to shear it especially if you decide to have a milkshake as well

This is the peppermint cake I shared with my mom.

This is some delicious pancakes with Sugar and cinnamon in and to top it off with some syrup drizzled on them.

I also ordered a chocolate milkshake with my pancakes. Milkshakes in South Africa are so think and creamy, especially this one because it was like they just scooped out chocolate ice cream and put it into the tumblr style jar. (Which I am obsessed with) I love these style jars so much! They remind me of the summer time. PLUS they are so cute! 😊

This is a Bar-one milkshake I ordered from the Wimpy while I was at the South Coast for a few days. Bar-one is a chocolate they have in South Africa and it’s delicious! Just in case you were wondering this milkshake was the small! I had to get a picture with my hand in it to show you how big it was.

Sorry for the pictures I had to blur out the backgrounds and it didn’t work too well. I hope you can still see what it actually looks like.

My family and I went to the Waffle House while we were staying down at the coast. We all ordered the same thing which was milk chocolate With cream or ice cream. I was the only one who chose cream because I found it was going to melt anyways and I’m not that big of an ice cream fan. (Sorry to all the people who I love ice cream) I found the waffles were really good and they are really well known for great waffles since their name is ‘The Waffle House.’

The same day we went to have Waffles we went to blan beach and headed to the Jolly Roger for a late lunch and shared a couple of pizzas since they were apparently really good. To tell you the truth, they were worth what everyone had said because they were so good!

Here is another pancake picture to show you! haha (what can I say.. I love the pancakes here and in general!) my Grandparents took my family and I to one of my favourite places to go to for tea (Thanks to my Grandpa πŸ™‚) which is called ‘Piggly Wiggly.’ They have so many different kinds of shops all around in this little complex. My sister and I even did some candle dipping after we all ate and had a look around.

Another milkshake!! Again this is a small bar-one milkshake but this time you can tell it’s a small. That plus pancakes was definitely enough for me.

As I said I found the waffles at the Waffle House to be really good they were not as good as the waffles at ‘Milkyway Lane’ those pancakes were incredible plus they just look so divine! The waffles were soft and the chocolate source was really nice. Again, my sister and I had the same thing which was a dairy milk Oreo cookies and cream with a choice of cream or nice cream (as they said in the menu) it even came with a Oreo biscuit in between the two decent sized dollops of cream which if you spread it out over your waffle it would cover the whole thing up. The sad thing is but I can probably see why is the fact they don’t give you a full Oreo biscuit but my reason behind it is that they find you probably don’t really need it if you have had a full Waffle plus cream/nice cream and the sprinkled Oreo cookies all over the Waffle. It would be way too much than it already is.

This is the first non sweet food I have probably had and shared with you on this blog post. Again my Grandpa took my family and I out for tea. I had a carrot cake which was amazing!

I had yet another chocolate milkshake! (I think I may have a chocolate milkshake problem)

Also that day we went to a family members house for Lunch. Little did we know she was giving us tea as well… so this is what she baked us for tea! It was a peppermint crisp cake!! It was so rich.

After lunch, which sadly I didn’t get a picture of was this beautiful mirange with chocolate and cream. Then topping it off with a strawberry dipped in chocolate and a chocolate shaped heart which she also created. She is such an amazing baker.

On Saturday 5th we had a huge party with all our family and extended family to celebrate my oldest cousins 21st birthday. The theme was a kids party. All the food and treats we ate as children at birthday parties we made. With a Braii (BBQ) for early dinner. It was such an amazing afternoon/evening. In this picture here were the clowns my mom, sister and I made.

We used ice cream cones, cut the tip off for a hat, added a few sweets inside, placed a circular biscuit at the bottom to hold the sweets in.( plain digestive biscuit) Then we used more sweets for the buttons, a marshmallow for the face and lastly the top of the cone we cut off we placed on the marshmallow as the hat then a little sweet on top! To not make them look so scary use some good colouring to create the silly clown faces. Then you’re done.

The last party snack I made with my cousins were these cute little razing cars.

To make them we used boudoir biscuits as the car got some smarties for the wheels and to use as drivers you get some little jelly men and cut all of there feet off so they can sit on top of the car.

Last but no least my Cousin Zach’s 21st birthday cake. Gosh it was huge!! It was a 6 layer cake with chocolate mouse as icing on the inside. With sweets and chocolates to go with the ‘Kids birthday party’ theme. This cake was so sickly and delicious at the same time.

Last picture for this post! My very last cinnamon and sugar pancake at Coffeeberry.


We had loads of family gatherings which included having what I call ‘traditional’ meals such braais (BBQ) which we a few of and Porkies ( which is like a stu) also in South Africa they have dry meat and my favourite to have is Biltong it’s so delicious! You may not think it sounds nice but I love it. I think it’s sort of like what they say about marmite ‘you either love it or hate it’ (but isn’t it like with any food? I don’t know) anyways it’s one of the main foods I look forward to having and I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture to show you all.

I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday so far and I am so exited to show you all the blog posts I have coming up for you.

I would love to know what you think of this post.



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