Favourite skin care products 2017

Hi everyone, how are your summers going? While I’m away I am trying to leave a post for you all for every week I’m away, I thought while I was away I would go back and choose a few of my favourite blog posts and ones you seemed to enjoy the most as well a few new things to try.

This post is a favourites and I thought I would do my favourite skin care products that I use in the morning/evening. Most of them are drugstore and only two Higher end products. So there is something for everyone.  Enjoy the post, products linked at the end of the post:

In the morning I will use this Neutrogena Visibly clear 2 in 1 which is a daily face wash to help prevent and get rid of spots and a face mask to help get rid of and prevent blackheads. Its amazing and it really works so well. It leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth.

At night and morning I use my Micellar cleansing Gel wash by Garnier, I used to have the Micellar water by Garnier but I saw this and I just had to try it out for myself and I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT! It’s just like the Micellar water but in a gel form and in my opinion I feel it works better because I can see it working and clean my face from the day. You just scrub it into your face to remove all the dirt and makeup from your day then plash your face to get rid of all the soap. If I wore makeup that day I just put this on and scrub off my makeup with this first because I find it takes all of it off anyway and if there is anything left it is only a very small trace of it, then I just splash my face clean to remove all the soap and go onto using my makeup remover wipes.

I love Simple products they are just so great and kind to all skin types which is great. The makeup remover wipes are great because they are so soft and wont make you think you are being too rough on the skin and they leave your face feeling really fresh and clean. This is one of the skin care items I am taking on holiday with me since it’s easy to pack and go and if you are on the plane then it just refreshes your skin since it can be very dry on the plane.

After I have cleaned my face I grab a cotton wool pad and put some of my Clinique clarifying lotion 2 all over my face. If I have a bad skin day I like to focus on those areas the most because I somehow find it works in getting rid of spots quicker I don’t know why. I have just ordered a new bottle since I have finished the one I had and honestly I have seen a huge difference in my skin. I really need this in my life.

This is the other second high end product I own and I find this is great. I love both of the Clinique products and they work well with my skin and keeping it looking nice. This moisturiser is the ‘Dramatically different and moisturising lotion which is for people with dry to dry combination skin.

I use this Simple light-moisturiser when I feel like my skin has got too oily and I need to sort it out and get it back to ‘normal’ again and it works brilliantly. Also I use it if I have been into the sun too long and got burned and it calms my face down over night.

Since it’s coming to Summer now I thought I would just put in the sun cream that I use which I put on my face and body that will be in the sun. But I put it on my face every day after I let my moisturiser sink in. This is from Amazon and will try my best to find it for you. It’s really great because it sinks in really fast so you go from looking like Caspar the ghost to normal once you have finished your face. Another great thing about it is that it isn’t greasy which to me are the main must haves in a sun cream because these are the two main struggles I have in finding a nice sun cream.

Also if I’m correct it’s been specially designed by a UK skin cancer specialist and top Europen scientists to provide premium quality suncream at an affordable price that everyone can afford.



Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 £3.75

Garnier micellar gel £3.99

Simple wipes £1.59

Clinique toner  £17.50- £27.50

Clinique moisturiser  £9-£30

Simple light moisturiser  £2.05

Altruist sun cream  £8.00 (For 2) 200ml

That’s all for this post I hope you liked it, Skin care is so important to me especially in the summer since you are outside more and need to protect your face more.

What are your favourite skin care products so far this year? comment below.



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