African Surfari Trip 

Yesterday I went to an African Safari called Tala with my cousins, Uncle and my family for the day.

I had such a wonderful time because we went in my Uncle’s Range Rover and went along all of the roughest and bumpiest roads we could find. The game reserves in Africa are huge. All the animals there have so much room to rome around in it’s like they are out in the open wild. I found it so much fun searching for all the animals since it was so hot that day and the animals were probably hiding in the cool shade of the trees.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the day of my trip.

The first animals we saw once we got into the gate were the water hogs. In my opinion they are pretty funny looking.

The second animals we found which were not too far away from the water hogs were the bucks. They were wandering around the whole park it felt like every corner we made there was at lest one buck or a group of them.

The bucks were right by a big pond and at first glance we all thought this was rocks but it turns out it was Hippos bunched up together sleeping. Late in the afternoon before we left we saw them swimming but it was hard to take a picture since all you could really see was their noses above the water now and again.

These are the Ostriches which seemed to be all over the park just like the bucks. They were very funny because when ever they saw us or we got closer they started to go in the other direction. As you may know ostriches are known for sticking their heads in the ground when danger is alluring or they are scared of something. Instead of doing that (we thought because the ground was too hard for them to do that.) they just turned around thinking ‘if I can’t see you, you can’t see me’ sort of thing and carried on walking or jogging in the other direction which was so funny to see. This is why it was so hard to get any good pictures of them, though the first one is probably the best one out of all the ones I had the chance to take of.

We found a restaurant and stopped for some lunch. I decided to go for cheese and tomato toasty which came with chunky chips and some salad. It was so delicious and probably one of the best toasties I have ever tasted at a restaurant before.

Coming to some of the last animals and the end of the day now! We saw some wilder beasts. This guy was sleeping until we came by and he started posing for us. It was brilliant!

We had been searching all day for the giraffes and you would think being the tallest animal in the park they would be easy to find. but to tell you the truth, they are not.

These to were playing around at the top of the hill for ages. We and another car has to wait for them to move on because you can’t be closer than 20feet since they have the right of way you can’t go round them. As the two giraffes were playing there was another group of giraffes around 6 of them and we wouldn’t have noticed them unless they stood up since they were all sitting down. One of them looked at the two giraffes playing and looked like the mother by the way it was looking at them. Enjoy the video I recorded while I was waiting for these two munchkins to move. I found it really funny and it happened for a long time.

Here is a picture of some of the giraffes in the background when we finally were able to move closer to them because the two giraffes finally moved on.

These are the Rhinos, the reason why they don’t have horns is because they have been cut off so they don’t get poached by the poachers for their horns. It’s so sad to see this happen. It makes no sense to me why someone would want to do that but I guess all most people think about these days is money and will do anything for it, if that be to cut off of Rhinos horns and hurt nature or animals. They are known for the horn on their noses.

The very last animal we saw on the trip were the White Rhinos. We were just about to leave when we went up one last road to find them by where we entered and there they were about 6 of them lying down resting. Until the cheeky Ostrich came pouncing near them and suddenly two of the Rhinos got up in a flash! Wow! They move fast! I was so surprised to see them move so quickly. It was so funny because once the two Rhinos moved the Ostrich was off running away as quickly as possible. It was such a funny thing to see happen so quickly.

Q. What is your favourite African animal?

My Answer: I love Giraffes because they are so tall, elegant and majestic. They are such amazing and fascinating animals to watch.

Leave you answer in the comments I would love to know.



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