What’s in my travel bag

This is just a post about what’s in my travel bag. I hope you enjoy this post, these are my favourite posts to make and also favourite YouTube videos to watch since I can be quite nosey especially at what people take in their bags or on holiday. it might mostly be picture, I wont take pictures of the obvious things like tissues and things like that.
I hope you enjoy this post and the others posts on their way also I hope you have a wonderful summer and I will see you in 3weeks.

bag two sides
This is my travel bag that I am taking on my holiday to South Africa. I got it from Debenhams and it was originally £28 and I got it for £14 because they had an online sale.


Inside the main part of the bag is an IPad pouch that I got in a bag from Accessorize. I just put all the items I would use during the plane so I could put my bag up at the top and not have it in the way and get slightly more leg room and be more comfortable.

Also in the main part of the bag I have some magazines to read on the plane, they couldn’t fit in the pouch so I just placed them behind it and I will grab them out when I sit down in the plane. I also have my purse so I can maybe buy a few things I may have forgotten in or like in the airport before boarding the plane. I have my beats headphones and my IPad and charger with me I downloaded a few shows and movies on Netflix so I can watch those in the airport since we will be waiting in the Dubai Airport for 4hours. Then lastly I have my make up and liquids in a clear plastic bag.


Then in the front section of my bag I have a book and my notebook. The notebook is an insert for a travellers notebook. If you would like to learn more about travellers notebooks then I would love to create a post about them and show you what I have in mine and explain about them in more detail.


That’s all that’s in my travel bag at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back from my holiday on 11th August.  I have a schedule that you can follow on my Instagram which is Daydreamerteenx and it has times, dates and what post is going up each week I’m away so you don’t miss anything and I don’t miss a post since I will have no WIFI while I’m away. I hope you have a great summer and I will post about my holiday and my experiences when I get back.


My backpack:  Red Herring Pink zip backpack £28 from Debenhams


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