Pet TAG!

Hi everyone!

I have one more week then I’m going on holiday!! I’m sooooo exited! I can’t wait!

This post is a post all about my pets and is the pet tag. I have 3 pets so I will mention them all.
1. What is your pets name?
    A. My pets names are Holli, Sapphire and Amber.

2. What kind of pets are they and what breeds?

     A. Holli is a dog and she is a Chalkie (Yorkshire terrier cross Chihuahua) Sapphire and Amber are Ragdoll cats but are different types. Amber is a Ragdoll, seal point and Sapphire is a Ragdoll, tabby cat.

3. How did you get your pet?

    A. I got all my pets from people who breed them and was selling them online.

4. How old are your pets?

    A. my cats are 7years old and my dog is 4years old almost 5.

5. What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

    A. Sapphire love to just collapse in front of you and start purring for attention and it’s so cute. Amber loves to just rub herself against you. Holli has so many quirks that I can’t mention them all but a few of the things she does is that she loves to burry her bone and sometimes she will burry it in plain sight and be so happy with her self and if the cats walk up to her bone or are going to go in the direction no matter how its buried, she will run towards it and bark at them even if she was comfy because she thinks they are going to steal or eat her bone. The second quirky thing Holli does is she HATES baths and after we finish bathing her she does a dance and rubs and rolls around on the carpet after we have tried to dry her. It’s so funny to watch every time.

6. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
     A. My relationship with my pets mean so much to me. I love them all so much and they always make me feel better if I’m having a bad day especially my dog Holli. If she senses something is wrong she is there on my bed and tries to cuddle up to me as close as she can. She really is the cutest dog I have ever seen.

7. What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

    A. I loved the times in the morning when I would wake up and see the cats on my bed sleeping and one of my favourite past times with my dog was when we went on the field for the first time and she was so overwhelmed with all the different smells. 

8. What are nicknames that you call your pet?

A. I’m sorry if these names don’t make sense to you, these are names that make sense and mean something to their personality and to our family.
Sapphire’s nicknames are Sapphie, Sapphie Daffs and Daffers
Amber’s nicknames are Ambie and Ambie Pambie
Holli’s nicknames are Holli Bollie, Stinky dog and Chucky

This is some facts about my pets, I hope you enjoyed this post.


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