My Music Playlist

Hi everyone, welcome back!

How is your weekend going? Are you exited for the long weekend?

This weekend I am studying for my exams coming up in June, and I have so much work to do before then… I hope you have more exiting plans than me. 😊

I am creating a music playlist with some of the songs I am listening to at the moment and really enjoying! So if you are looking for new music to listen to or just even curious what kind of music I like then enjoy this post.

My favourite Songs:

1. Perfect –  Ed Sheeran<<
It Ain't Me –  Selena Gomez<<
Barcelona –  Ed Sheeran<<
Just hold On – Louis Tomlinson<<
My Guitar – The Main Level<<
My Girl – The Main Level<<
Power – Little Mix<<
There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back – Shawn Mendes<<
Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande<<
. Hands to myself – Selena Gomez<<
. Imagination – Shawn Mendes<<
. Roses – Shawn Mendes<<
. Understand – Shawn Mendes<<
. Play That song – Train<<
. Me Too- Meghan Trainer<<
. Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld<<
. Cold As Ice – The Main Level<<
. You Gotta Not – Little Mix<<
. I Do – Only The Young<<
. Paris – The Chainsmokers

This playlist puts me in a really great mood which helps boost my confidence, music is also a way for me to escape even if it's just for a few minuets. It was really hard for me to pick 20 songs since there are just so many amazing songs out there that I love. But I still hope that this helped you anyway.

I made this a playlist on Spotify if you are interested. My name on there is Daydreamerteen. 😊

what are your favourite songs at the moment? I would love to know in the comments below, also what you thought of this post.  😊

until next time

Daydreamerteen x


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